Birth to Death as told by Cinema

A Life in Film Mashup 2013.

The journey of life captured in under three minutes using

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Top 30+1 Alternative Movie Posters, “sometimes” better than the originals

For many years, there was the concept of “official poster” of a movie. Each reinterpreted the art market to the needs of your audience. In Ghana, for example, have their own style.

So, we will recover this tradition and take a look at how Internet artists have created entirely new posters to present their favorite movies. And in some cases much better than the originals. Which one do you think meets better the plot?

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Evolution of Batman (Logo/Characters/Batmobile)

A compilation of Infographics about the Batman’s Logo evolution, the characters evolution crossing the George Clooney disaster and the iconic car.

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Visual Effects, 100 Years of Inspiration

A “5th-grader-friendly” collection of clips and making-of footage from notable visual effects films of the past century posted on Fernando Kobaia’s Vimeo account.

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The future of filmmaking?

You think that VFX today are really advanced ? Thin again because the best is yet to come!

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Batman The Dark Knight – 8 Bit Cinema!

Movie obsessed Cine Fix has delivered their latest 8-bit movie parody,

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