The 9 Starship Troopers technological successes

That “Starship Troopers” is a film ahead of its time we all know, but how far technology predicted? 16 years of the release in 1997 from today, long before the Internet was a maxim in our lives, this film’s cult science fiction introduced a multitude of items that we use today in a very established and accepted life. Far from being science fiction, real life is pure and where many films failed, “Starship Troopers” technological subtlety offered a highly credible and palpable, which only serves to lengthen his legend.

1. iPads and tablets

All military school students use them to study and interact with each other .

2 . Surface Pro

It seems that Microsoft Surface Pro beats the iPad in that world.

3 . Web Design

The government website structure really accurate of today’s webs. With links to videos and interactive content.

4 . Google Hangouts

Multiple calls with no lag in a world reminiscent of the new Google Hangouts or Facetime.

5 . Data transmission

You can believe that the discs will be obsolete in the future, but in a world where the speed of light is a maximum data transmission will become a real headache. That is why today even send data SD card is faster than doing it online.

6 . Whatsapp

If ever you have left for Whatsapp, or worse, by Snapchat, know how real this scene is.

7 . Voice Recognition

With new Android functionality to unlock our phones using facial recognition, or the fact that the new iPhone has fingerprint detection, were not far wrong in the film with voice recognition.

8 . Robotic Medicine

The robots used in surgery or organ printing using stem cells are things that are already being considered in modern medicine.

9. Renewable energies

The Federation used its bases renewable energies, like many sectors of the U.S. Army today.