Metro map with the 250 best films of the cinema

How many hours of our lives we have lost by discussing with others what we believe are the best movies of all time, year, month or even a week – that sometimes seem to conspire to distributors not to release anything interesting for weeks to after several blow-out ? Well take this quiet usual Saturday to dedicate this next installment that includes the 250 best movies ever as imdb voters.

One of the great attractions of this list made by Vodkaster, which each gives their credibility, is the original form in which it appears presented, as movies have been divided by genres, and subgenres as drama – tolerance for that each of them is one of the metro lines cinematic history. However, be aware that you need to click on the image below – because otherwise it would be virtually impossible to tell just some of its content.

What is your favorite line? How would you like to travel from ‘Alien’ to ‘North by Northwest’ uncrossed ‘The Godfather: Part II’? What station have not visited yet?