A movie theater returns to fill their cinema with a successful formula

“We realized that there was a clamor to lower the price of the movies,” says one of the business partners of Barcelona’s movie theater that has revolutionized the film market with tremendous success by selling a bond that has managed to finance its digitization

At a time when facilities closes any time, non stop, some cinemas have found a way to see the light at the end of the tunnel. So much than almost has left them baffled. “Los Girona” , located in the homonymous street of Barcelona, had to adapt or die, literally had to digitize its three showrooms this summer to continue showing films, which are no longer distributed on celluloid. Instead of borrowing money to pay 59,000 euros for each new projector, the idea that their viewers were those who financed it. On Wednesday released their groundbreaking proposal: a card that cost 30€ to see all releases. And waited to see what happened.

“We realized that there was a clamor to lower the price of the film ,” says Toni Espinosa, partner and coordinator of the cinema. “And we plan to give us a hand to each other: we were offering movies cheaply and people put money for digitization” he explains. The goal was to get in five days ( until Sunday ) half the necessary capital. They released 1000 subscription through a digital platform offers which sold out within hours. They relocated more for sale. And sell out again. In just five days had enlisted the support ( and capital ) of 3,531 new members. Enough to digitize more than one and a half room. And in a record time.

“When we came up with the idea, we thought that we couldn’t even reach 1,000. The campaign has been infinitely better than we expected,” confesses Espinosa, pleased to have opened a way to finance a serious crisis sector model change, the economic crisis, the rise in VAT and other problems that make it increasingly fewer viewers come to theaters ( revenue is down 16 % so far this year ) . “Cinema needs positive news,” he says. Furthermore, the initiative has served to “renew ” the public of Girona Cinemas: most of those who took the offer are aged 20 to 30 years, “people who be willing to go to the movies, but short of resources, ” says Espinosa. Now these will mix with the regular costumers on the cinema halls, 45 years old moviegoers or over who went to watch movies not so commercial and film forum that they organize .

Again with the price of tickets

The success of the offer made by these cinemas emphasizes an aspect that the sector carries around in the last few months before the fall of spectators and the rising cost of inputs: first was the – resigned president of Fapae, Pedro Perez, who insisted it had to low down the prices. Then it was a distributor, Warner, which offered a discount of 16 % on your bill for cinema halls that decline the final price . Now, those responsible for this initiative are emphatic that it is necessary to find a suitable price because “there is a sector of the public who would like to see movies in the cinema and don’t downloaded them from the internet with poor quality.

Entrepreneurs are studying these days how to manage this huge volume of partners, they can go to the movies every day of the year, from this Monday. Currently have booked about a third of the rooms for them and distribute tickets in advance. In addition, they also warn that access will be easier if they go on Wednesdays and Thursdays, or the first and last session of the weekend.

Now they have to see where it will get the money to scan the room and a half they have left, but they see the future more optimistically. Not this way for many theaters around the country: ” If the cinemas are not digitized after the summer will have to close” – venture – “because there will not be 35mm copies.” In their case, viewers have saved them. In exchange for a good price.