The Shining in 8 Bits Animation

The 8-bit generation began with the launch in Japan of the family Nintendo and Sega. Gamers in 8 Bits created a version of the film The Shining using this type of graphics. The video shows the entire video is designed as if they were playing an arcade, just not interactive. We can see how it develops the plot of the movie and how all the characters are appearing in 8 Bits. To make it interesting, its creators challenge you to find out which games were inspired to create this version of The Shining.

This video was made by

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Top 30+1 Alternative Movie Posters, “sometimes” better than the originals

For many years, there was the concept of “official poster” of a movie. Each reinterpreted the art market to the needs of your audience. In Ghana, for example, have their own style.

So, we will recover this tradition and take a look at how Internet artists have created entirely new posters to present their favorite movies. And in some cases much better than the originals. Which one do you think meets better the plot?

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