The Big Lebowski in 60 seconds


The entire 1998 Coen Brothers classic, condensed down to 60 seconds thanks to the last animation by 1A4STUDIO.

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Pulp Fiction in 60 seconds


If you’re a fan of the speedrun series by 1A4STUDIO,

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Aliens in 60 seconds


Do you remember the James Cameron piece about space marines that had to rescue the colonized planet from Alien? Now you can watch it again thanks to

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Back to the Future I in 60 seconds


This condensed version of the 1985 hit movie travels MUCH faster than 88 miles per hour.

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Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in 60 seconds


Skywalker. Vader. Lots of futuristic rooms. The droids they were in fact looking for. All as if George Lucas were on meth.

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Matrix in 60 seconds


Put machines, dreams, Neo, dystopia, and more machines into a blender and chug it really fast – that’s the taste of this condensed version of the 1999 hit movie.

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