Crazy optical illusion with actors

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Can someone make this with random ordinary people, so we can see if it’s celeb related?

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15 hilarious movies (if you watch it backwards)

The meme is simple…what would the plots of some of the most popular movies of all time look like if they happened in reverse? I have to say some of the new plots sound more interesting than the originals! Here’s 15 of the funniest!

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Amazing viral ‘Carrie’ telekinesis prank fools coffee shop customers

There is literally nothing funnier than watching someone get scared. You can only win in these situations: If they just jump a little, whatever. Next time. If they scream and fall on the ground and then get up and punch you while yelling, “I hate you! I hate you!” then laugh, your day is made.
The key to crafting the perfect scare, though, is that it is (eventually) enjoyable for all. If your unsuspecting scare victim thinks they are actually going to be murdered, because, say, you, a stranger, chases them around the streets at night with a chainsaw, that is mean.

This video, “Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise,” is

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Back to the Future I in 60 seconds

This condensed version of the 1985 hit movie travels MUCH faster than 88 miles per hour.

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Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in 60 seconds

Skywalker. Vader. Lots of futuristic rooms. The droids they were in fact looking for. All as if George Lucas were on meth.

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Movies vs Life

If anything could happen like in the movies …

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Top 10 Jack Nicholson Performances

Matrix in 60 seconds

Put machines, dreams, Neo, dystopia, and more machines into a blender and chug it really fast – that’s the taste of this condensed version of the 1999 hit movie.

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