Top 20 biggest opening weekends of all time (plus based on Rotten Tomatoes)

Gravity placed first at the box office this weekend. The Alfonso Cuaron film crushed the competition, racking up $55 million, good for the biggest October opening weekend of all time, the biggest opening weekend in the fall of all time, George Clooney’s biggest opener, and

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Top 10 Stephen King Adaptations

He sure can tell a story. WatchMojo count down the picks for the top 10 adaptations of

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Top 10 Best/Worst Prequels/Sequels

Top 10 Best Movie Prequels

They’re some of the best backstories put on the big screen.

Top 10 Worst Movie Sequels

Hollywood should quit while they’re ahead.

15 hilarious movies (if you watch it backwards)

The meme is simple…what would the plots of some of the most popular movies of all time look like if they happened in reverse? I have to say some of the new plots sound more interesting than the originals! Here’s 15 of the funniest!

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Top 10 Jack Nicholson Performances

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