Top 10 Zombie Movies

They hunger for human flesh! WatchMojo counts down our top 10 favorite zombie movies.

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Top 10 Practical Special Effects in Movies count down the picks for the top 10 practical special effects in movies. For this list, we’ve focused on on-camera magic in the form of prosthetics, animatronics, puppets or anything else these geniuses can think of.

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15 low budget films with highest gross

Pulling everything available to carry out a film sometimes becomes an unexpected blockbuster and instantly the director is catapult. In some cases the success owes much to the skill advertising and is not uncommon for a company to acquire a film with potential and finish more millions being spent on promoting than you have invested with the director and his crew.

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The 9 Starship Troopers technological successes

That “Starship Troopers” is a film ahead of its time we all know, but how far technology predicted? 16 years of the release in 1997 from today, long before the Internet was a maxim in our lives, this film’s cult science fiction introduced a multitude of items that we use today in a very established and accepted life. Far from being science fiction, real life is pure and where many films failed, “Starship Troopers” technological subtlety offered a highly credible and palpable, which only serves to lengthen his legend.

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18 Animated Neon Posters from Movies

Hypnotic neon versions of the all-time classics by Mr. White.

Which one is the best ?

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The Worst CGI Movie Effects & Monsters

Nothing takes you out of the moment like a bad special effect. Just to be clear, WatchMojo is singling out the CGI from films with respectable or massive budgets that shouldn’t have settled for second rate and unfinished looking effects.

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75 Movie Stars, then and now

Edward Furlong was a huge child star after appearing in Terminator 2 in 1991 aged 13, he ended up as a

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Top 10 Movie Plot Twists

There’s nothing like a great movie plot twist; it can help to cement a film in the annals of classic cinema by shocking audiences and making them think.

Warning: Spoiler Alert! Duh…
Woah, didn’t see that

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