This is a list of VFX films which relied heavily on visual effects that we are most excited about seeing in the next years (Tab: Upcoming List).

Calendar/List View
All movies in a Calendar view. Using a month format (Tab: Calendar) and as a List (Tab: Upcoming List).

Company Filter
In a Calendar page you’ll be able to filter it using the “Calendar button” upper left side, for Company feature like MPC, Framestore, Double Negative or ILM as an example. Any company has their own page with some details and all the upcoming vfx movies.

Post Production Companies
See a list of the upcoming movies of the VFX Houses around the world for the next year with their respectives single pages with a deep information the movie like director, actors and trailer if its already released. (Tab: VFX-Houses)

Besides the main purpose of this site you can find some interesting features like VFX Jobs to see if any related position comes up, the stunning VFX Breakdowns compilation of the most gripping films, some funny and curious VFX Pins from Pinterest, a Map with 120+ VFX Houses around the world and Posts aiming the focus on visual effects in the Blog.

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