Top 30+1 Alternative Movie Posters, “sometimes” better than the originals

For many years, there was the concept of “official poster” of a movie. Each reinterpreted the art market to the needs of your audience. In Ghana, for example, have their own style.

So, we will recover this tradition and take a look at how Internet artists have created entirely new posters to present their favorite movies. And in some cases much better than the originals. Which one do you think meets better the plot?

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House of the Haunted Hill by Jason Edmiston

Official Poster
Official Poster

Nightmare Before Christmas by Joel Amat Güell

Official Poster Official Poster
Nightmare Before Christmas by Joel Amat Güell

Pee-Wee by DKNG

Pee-Wee by DKNGOfficial Poster

The Thing by Randy Ortiz

the thingOfficial Poster
The Thing by Randy Ortiz

Psycho by Daniel Danger

psychoOfficial Poster
psycho by Daniel Danger

Scarface by Mike Mitchell

scarface_ver2Official Poster
scarface by Mike Mitchell

Boogie Nights by Rockin’ Jelly Bean

boogienightsOfficial Poster
boogie-nights  by Rockin’ Jelly Bean

The Goonies by Randy Ortiz

the Goonies-posterOfficial Poster
The Goonies by Randy Ortiz

Man of steel by Martin Ansin

man_of_steel_ver7Official Poster
manofsteel by Martin Ansin

Transformers by Jesse Phillips

transformers_dark_of_the_moon_ver5Official Poster
transformers by Jesse Phillips

Let me in by Olly Moss

let_me_in_ver2Official Poster
letmein by Andy Sowards

Back to the future by Dave Will

back_to_the_futureOfficial Poster
Back to the Future by Dave Will

Night of the Living Dead by Phantom City Creative

night_of_the_living_deadOfficial Poster
nightlivingdead_by_Phantom City Creative

The Mummy by Martin Ansin

the-mummyOfficial Poster
the-mummy-by Martin Ansin

Blade Runner by Dan Sherratt

blade_runner_xlgOfficial Poster
blade_runner_byDan Sherratt

Bambi by Rowan Stocks-Moore

Bambi-movie-posterOfficial Poster
Bambi by Rowan Stocks

Django Unchained by Jeferson Barbosa

django_unchained_ver9Official Poster
Django Unchained by Jeferson Barbosa

Spirited Away by Daniel Norris

spirited_awayOfficial Poster
Spirited Away by Daniel Norris

Shaun of the Dead by BigBadRobot

shaun_of_the_dead_ver2Official Poster
Shaun of the Dead by BigBadRobot

Moonrise Kingdom by Moron Mountain

moonrise_kingdomOfficial Poster
Moonrise Kingdom by Moron Mountain

Rambo Series by Edgar Ascensão

rambo_MPW-33203Official Poster
Rambo Series by Edgar Ascensão

(500) Days of Summer by Adam Juresko

(500)_days_of_summerOfficial Poster
(500) Days of Summer by Adam Juresko

Se7en by Vincent Gabriele

seven_ver1Official Poster
Se7en by Vincent Gabriele

The Warriors by Grzegorz Domaradzki

the warriorsOfficial Poster
The Warriors by Grzegorz Domaradzki

Taxi Driver by Richard Clayton

taxi_driver_ver1Official Poster
Taxi Driver by Richard Clayton

American Psycho by Chris Thornley

american_psycho_ver2Official Poster
American Psycho by Chris Thornley

Princess Mononoke by Olly Moss

Princess Mononoke DVDOfficial Poster

Cabin in the Woods by Phantom City Creative

cabin_in_the_woods_ver4Official Poster
Cabin in the Woods by Phantom City Creative

Carrie by John ‘Houzer’ Smith

carrie_ver2Official Poster
Carrie by John ‘Houzer’ Smith

The Shinning by Ben Whitesell

The Shining by Ben WhitesellOfficial Poster
the shining_ver1

If you wanna see a more extended collection of alternative movies posters, check this link on Pinterest or FuckYeahMoviePoster Tumblr Site.

Extra gift: Last but not least, this excellent TV Show that have already end and more than one is still recovering …
Breaking Bad by BigBadRobot

Breaking Bad by BigBadRobotOfficial Poster