Evolution of Batman (Logo/Characters/Batmobile)

A compilation of Infographics about the Batman’s Logo evolution, the characters evolution crossing the George Clooney disaster and the iconic car.

Batman Logo Evolution

Graphic designer, Cathryn Lavery, highlights the evolution of the infamous batman logo in his new poster. To be more exact, that’s 72 years of logo transition from Batman & Robin: The Boy Wonder to Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises!
She’s offering limited edition prints of the poster in a variety of sizes over at Calm the Ham.



Batman’s Icons Mutation until 2008 (waiting update)

Batman Characters Evolution

Courtesy of redditor and film buff Blair Erickson, you’re now able to see an amazing evolution of what many Batman characters have looked like throughout the years. Truth be told, it’s almost refreshing to see that some of the Batman characters actually looked like crap before Batman Forever. Almost. One of the really cool things about this flowchart/infographic/piece-of-awesomeness are the facts you see at the bottom, one of which is why Joel Schumacher ended up looking like schmuck. To see the full graphic (2Mb) click the thumbnail below.


Batmobile Evolution

Between 1943 and the present, there have been many depictions of the Batmobile. Starting with a black Cadillac, a 1949 Mercury, and a Lincoln Futura concept car, the Batmobile eventually became custom work. The car used in Batman and Batman Returns was built on the chassis of a Chevy Impala, and the cars in Batman Forever and The Dark Night are completely custom.
The Batmoble

Alfredo Casero was a detour